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Osteopathy, a relatively newer concept in India, is a nerve stimulating science, which shows magical effects in chronic conditions. Dr. Amit Kumar, a pioneer in the field, has been working with special children since last 5 years and wonderful results have been achieved in most of the cases in only a few sessions. Coupled with Physiotherapy and Chiropractice, Osteopathy works wonders on any physical or neurological condition. Reflexology, as an alternate form of therapy, along with being relaxing, also works on the internal system and the organs of the body. A healing process is incomplete without proper nutrition and peace of mind. To make our rehabilitation program holistic and state of the art, we also provide dietary suggestions and stress management services by our in-house Nutritionist and Clinical Psychologist. We are and always will be commmitted to you first! Happy Healing..!

This is the Neuro rehabilitation clinic in which we will provide you the complete rehabilitation from your problem. Rehabilitation means the journey from your injury to the functional independence.
We will not only provide you the physiotherapy services but the alternative therapies also will be provided. We will work on the root cause of the problem for eg if you have paralysed we will not only provide you the physical therapy but the osteopathy and reflexology will also be included in that. Osteopathy shows magical effects in chronic conditions.

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Modern lifestyles with their sedentary characteristics can be quite harmful to an average person's well being. Especially in a city like Gurgaon, Gurugram most people today are habitual of sitting for long hours and a general absence of movement. All this and more can lead to a number of health issues including back pains, aches and niggles at various places in the body. This is where the need of a registered physiotherapist in Gurgaon arises.

Our mission - We at Target Walk strives to provide the best physiotherapy services in Gurgaon, Gurugram to our valued patients with absolute care.

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Target Walk Physical Therapy clinic in Gurgaon, with its many years of experience in serving individual and corporate clients is one such experienced best physiotherapist in Gurgaon that is well acclaimed.

Call at +91-8527184009 and Book your appointment with our best physiotherapist to applicability the services at best price. We are also providing corporate physiotheraphy, Osteopathy Treatment, Paralysis, Anti-aging, Down Syndrom Treatment, and Sports Injury Treatment in Gurgaon, Gurugram Haryana India to our clients.

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